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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No bones about it

I think the case - either the latch or the dingus holding it steady - made that awful scratch on the front.

Ribbon selector labeled 1,2,3?

I left these behind.  The SCM lights up in that right corner.  Normal pica.


  1. Nice! This is the ca. 1949 "All New Remington Portable," later called the Quiet-Riter and then given a somewhat different, more flowing shape. I prefer this early shape.

    I don't think I've ever seen one of these that didn't have a scratch in the front from the poor design of the case.

    The 1-2-3 gadget is the tension regulator.

    1. cool. I like typing on this machine. Thanks for the tip on the tension regulator.

    2. The keytops are a little small for my digits.

  2. Aww, no T-Bone tingling when you get near the prey? Still, you find the nice machines, so it can't be all bad :D

    Great start to the Spring hunting season. I mighta even grabbed one of those Alphasmarties.

    1. yeah since I had one in better shape I left the alphasmarts. I could look again if I hear of strong interest in them.

  3. Don't feel too bad about the typewriter bone. I have no sense about finding a typewriter deal either.

    Great typewriters. I have four of these (slightly later in style) in the classroom and they are rugged. Have fun!

  4. That Remington looks fine, congrats.
    I believe in the T-bone, it's worked for me a number of times. Not foolproof though.

  5. You got the bone but just don't know it. That's a great find and nice and OLD too. The latest Remington I have tried is a Model 5 portable from the late 30s. I reckon this one of yours is an evolutionary step up from that - and on steroids too. Now you have made a fuss about it, there's no excuse not to clean it up for some glamour shots :-)


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