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Monday, January 6, 2014

social media

I think I will have to write more on this.  I haven't mentioned g+ or twitter, and I'd like to give examples of how I stay plugged into my community. 

But that will have to wait.  I'm off to Charlotte, NC tomorrow night for the rest of the week.  If there are any typosphereans from there, leave a comment and I'll try to arrange a type-in.


  1. I have yet to create a FB anything. If I could think of a good fake name I may create an account. I do not trust the bad security of the site. I do have a twitter account for ham radio and I like LinkedIn.

    Have fun and stay warm in Charlotte. Sometimes they get quite a good dumping of snow. When I lived in SW VA North Carolina used to get heavier snow than us and we always had more than the North.

  2. Interesting post, NA. I'm on Twitter because I think, at some point, it'll be required for my studies, but I have no desire to set up a FaceBook account. Google+ sounds interesting, but again, I'm not so certain about how much of my real self I want to put on it. Although, it seems that there a some advantages to Google+. I just haven't figured out fully what they are.

  3. As all of my friends are on FB and it's a great way to contact people, I guess I'm in the double minority here in that I love FB and use it every day, posting pictures and articles I've found on the web, as well as pictures and things I have taken or done.
    LinkedIn: I have it totally updated and visit regularly, but don't really actively USE it as I do Facebook.

  4. I like (and am often a little jealous of) your FB bike ride posts! It is good to see another corner of the world I'd not otherwise be acquainted with.


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