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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

trying to get back in the habit

I'm behind on my posting.  For example I am long overdue on a spy-themed post.  Partly I'm busy, partly lazy.  When I have time, I've been trying to organize my area.  Then I find my books and suddenly I haven't any time.  I took the day off today to walk up a hill for a $5 gift card for a bakery.  That left a lot of time to attend to some promised tasks and get out a typecast.

Just leave me a comment if you want to read the book.  We'll connect somehow from that starting point.


  1. Just don't send any of those gorgeous torpedos to Good Will ... Send 'em to me!

  2. I drop my basket cases over at MTE. It's nice to have a place to take them where you know they'll end up saving another machine. (:

    I'd take you up on the Goulart offer, but I'm hip deep in Rex Stout and Raymond Chandler right now. found 2 bags worth of Stout and Chandler paperbacks at GW - think I'll go lay down with one now. Happy reading on the 4th!

    1. Those are good authors to be hip-deep in. If I don't' get any takers you can always try again later. I wish I had a local shop to take them to. I was going to try Nick, but he's offloading too.

  3. Peter - you'd be nuts to donate torpedos to goodwill... i wonder if you did, would we see them on shopgoodwill?


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