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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tales from the Script

This is the Script-keeper, welcome to my Sriptorium.  Mu-ha-ha-ha.
As it turns out, the clerk gave me a flat rate of $5 rather than selling it by weight.  They used to be about $7.
A17 152605 (second character not particularly readable, I'm guessing)
non-magical margins

Here's the Safari I had already.  I will keep this and sell the Aristocrat.
5A6 306030

Magic Margins, and note the difference in the paper handling in front of the platen.


  1. That Aristocrat looks like it was manufactured yesterday. Good find!

  2. Lucky dog, another Spencerian Royal (:

    The bins are good to you! Also, 60's refrigerator yellow is not ugly :D

  3. The typeface is cool... and for five Tacoma dollars.


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