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Friday, December 20, 2013


I found a box of my books downstairs.  I'm already reading "The Man With the Golden Gun" from the Bond collection that I picked up at thrift stores in the 80s. That one had a Goodwill tag on it for nineteen cents.
Next I'll probably open that Shell Scott, they were pretty amusing as I recall. Very over-the-top.

As you can see I have a lot of Fred Hoyle as well.  Hard Sci-fi.
I also found a bunch of Robert Anton Wilson.  I wonder how I'll respond to him on rereading.


  1. And just in time for Christmas too! I'm a sucker for the cover art of Sixties paperbacks.

  2. "A for Andromeda" sounds interesting (after a quick check on Wikipedia - a 1961 TV series which was remade in 2006). :)

  3. Always nice to find a box of books, even if it's in your own house. Enjoy the holidays snuggling up in your favorite reading position!


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