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Monday, April 18, 2016

friday bikecast

As you can see, i hooked up my scanner over the weekend and, as long as it doesn't get stuck asking for new cartridges it will work.

I've been gradually trying coffee-making devices (twentieth-century, of course) with the idea that eventually my Mr. Coffee will stop working and will need replacement.  With the same mindset as I went into typewriters, I'm looking for pots without their own heat sources.  Look for a post on that soon, but here's a teaser:


  1. Any typecast is good, but especially a bikecast; thanks for the update. As for non-heating coffee makers, I've taken to using the Aeropress. I bought a reusable metal screen filter instead of using the disposable paper filters, and since water temperature is critical to the taste experience, I now use an electric tea kettle with adjustable temperature settings; I find 185f to be near ideal for my beans and grind.

    1. My local roaster usually brews with a chemex, but she demonstrated/taste tested with Aeropress and French press also. They were all good, only differing in the strength and solids. She uses one of those kettles. It's a good way to go.

  2. The Matt Damon film deviates from the novel to a greater extent than the Chamberlain mini-series. From memory. I haven't read the book since '88. I must say that, for some reason, I always pictured Bourne as looking like Burt Reynolds. Enjoy the rest of the book, NA! The two sequels are worth reading too, but stay away from the Lustbader continuation novels.

  3. Good to see you back! Interesting coffee creation device, you must show it in action. :D


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