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Monday, August 20, 2012

"Im Westen nichts Neues"

cataloging the collection.  I could make a Pickett fence!


  1. I have only seen a few slide rules like that around, but then again, I never really look for them. That looks quite neat.
    I, too, have been away from thrift stores/flea markets/antique stores for a while now. So many things to do right now, and just not enough time. I am sure we will get out there soon!

  2. I used to have one of these myself. It was my fathers. I quite enjoyed using it.

    But when I moved out of home, my girlfriend at the time went looking for a ruler for her kid brother to use. She proudly presented me with the ruler with the clear slide snapped off, when I got home that evening, telling me 'Oh, Look! I finally got that but if plastic off that you had gotten stuck on there. Now it's much more useful'!

    The clear plastic piece was in pieces and irreparable. She seemed confused when I got angry and said 'That ruler was special, why couldn't you just (expletive removed) find your own (expletive removed) ruler'?

    Apparently, later she would inform me that I was a grump.

  3. That's a very sad story. My wife would have instantly recognized the plastic piece as part of the whole, bless her, even before she saw me use one in Chemistry class.


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