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Sunday, August 5, 2012


All four of these crank smoothly, but three are missing a roller, I believe.
I'm starting with the two oldest ones.
I'll get to the Model 77's in a later post.

1.) Neostyle 8-F

Old, for sure, but I'm not sure how old.  Since typewriter sellers often go hilariously wrong trying to date the machines by the patent dates, so I'm hesitant to wade into the same minefield here.  I don't know how long this model was in production. 

2.) Mentions Edison on the label.  I had wondered about that but one of my search hits happened to be an article in ETCetera. from 1991 (p. 10) giving the answer.  This is Model no. 76.


  1. Oh, if you're looking for someone to buy a script Olivetti, drop me a line. I'd be VERY interested.

    Ah mimeographs, with their fragrant, smudgy ink.

    Takes me back, it does.

  2. I may be interested in one of your script Olivettis as well. The script machines do fascinate me so.

    Since patents are an unreliable way of dating, is there one better? I would like to know your thoughts on that.

    Also, love the mimeographs. So ancient and industrial looking!

  3. Oh, the aroma of a freshly printed mimeograph sheet.

    I believer there are many who would not know about stencil or ditto or mimeograph in this world of digital garbage and affordable copy machines.

    I like the digital, but there are some things a computer just cannot mimic.

    So, what script machines do you want to send on?????

  4. I have a Studio 44 (if I can get it back from the teacher) and an Underwood 21. Both in cases. The problem is, I am strongly averse to shipping them. Not only die to the risk but even more due to the expense. I feel if I sell something I should get to charge more than the shipper or the transaction is upside-down. It's irrational but I still resent it, especially since they have no attachment to the item. Anyway whoever can come and collect it can get one of those. Or we can meet up on one of my trips somewhere. They fit in overhead bins.

  5. I completely understand not wishing to ship a machine. Thus far, I have had good luck with my machine arriving in tact, but I bought from a thoughtful seller who took great care to make it so. And, she did lose money overall on the transaction because of the shipping, so I felt bad. I do have another one coming in the post; that seller was far less extensive with their description and photos, so we'll see how the shipping goes. At least they're a thousand or so miles closer.

    If you can wait to let the scripts go and will be visiting Southern California, I'm willing to wait, and I would be interested in either, though I know the Olivetti is probably more collectible. Ultimately, I would want to use it. If not, again, I understand, and I'm certain you would have success in re-homing them, however you went about it.

  6. That Mimeograph would polish up beautifully with a bit of work, and look stunning. I'd be interested to see if you can get this working again.


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