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Sunday, August 12, 2012

random leftovers (saturday)

Goodwill had a nest of adders
Then on Sunday.  sorry no photos


  1. Ahhh...this post brings back memories of White Castle burgers in Cincinnati during that same time period, after the bars closed.

    Little square bombs of gray meat choked with onions. We ordered a big greasy bag full of 'em. Always swore "NEVER AGAIN"...until the next time!

  2. Beautiful sewing machine sightings, Peter! I find that I am seeing a lot more of them these days than typewriters; although I'm not sure if it's because I'm only now noticing them. Still, lots of fun to look at and take pictures. Thanks for sharing these - I am quite amazed that Featherweight sightings are so common where you are, and that last Singer (the 500A, I think) has a peculiar design I have always found quite intriguing!

  3. Peter - its burnng up here in LA. Hope u can still find time to type!


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