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Thursday, October 4, 2012

quick comparisons


  1. I like the Senatorail type face. The left knob may just be a small adjustment. Sounds like someone had the platen off and did not align the shaft correctly. Loosen both knobs and push the shaft slightly left and retighten the left one first and see if the problem goes away. There is a flat on the shaft for the left knob so if the shaft goes too far, not far enough or twists the left knob will not stay tight. I do not know much about repairs, but I ran into this on my own Hermes 3000s because I remove the platens to clean the machines.

  2. interesting. I can hardly wait ti try it!

    1. I just read this again. I wonder if the shaft may need to mover right just a bit. What the heck, if one direction does not solve the problem maybe the other direction will solve it. It's been awhile since I had a Hermes platen off the machine.

  3. The SM7 is a wonderful machine, but I'll be damned if that is not the hardest carriage shift I have used! The 9 is much nicer, but the 7 was my second portable (third typewriter, first Olympia) and hold a special place for me. I do not use it much, for the carriage shift, but the machine is excellent, as is the typeface.

    The typeface on the FP is nice. The space between words seems larger than most.


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