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Friday, May 27, 2011

catalog of available typewriters

you can email me at ad7eu.pb(at)

There are one or two still on display at the library like the Galaxie 12.  They come home Tuesday.

kmart 100

sears silver-seiko

jcpenney caravelle 10, 1974

top-line Brother - shifts too low

Royalite - I just never liked using it.  Maybe someone else will?

nice - may have a taker.  just one more scm than I need
this monster weighs almost 40lb.  I wonder if the library would like it to replace their broken selectric?

I'm keeping one of these - probably the center one. the one on the left is like new.  the one on the right is unique - the lid snaps in rather than the slide-out, and it has no case-grabbing holes, hence the molded plastic case


  1. Darned you... now that I've seen the brown Smith Corona, I want it!

  2. All so beautiful! You will have no problem passing these along. If only I were closer...

  3. I'm with Strikethru - that brown one is purdy! I'm a Classic 12 guy - my 1968 is my main typer!

    If you can pack that Royalite, I can send you a postage paid UPS label...just sayin'! Let me know ( bob .at. wordrebel .dot. com )

  4. This is working out well, thanks all. i went by the pound this afternoon and passed up another super sterling in a very light tan color. silly me i didn't think to check the typeface! now I have to go back and look again.
    I'll look for a box for the Royalite.


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