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Sunday, May 8, 2011


"Vinnie" had three manual typewriters today.  I only bought one (yay self-control!). I passed on the giant Royal made in W. Germany that until I saw the label I was sure would be an Adler.  This thing was bigger than the FP!  I also passed on the Safari-ish one in a sort of pilsner gold color with no model badge that I could see.  I did buy this Smith-Corona "Tabulator" with case.  Very musty smell and the carriage has come unhooked and won't stay to the right but I think it's fixable if I can compare it with the silent-super.  This one has a normal looking elite typeface I think.


  1. A lucky day. My own local St. Vinnie's has been unfertile for the last couple of months.

  2. I enjoy your posts, thanks. I'm just beginning to develop an interest in manual typewriters.

    A question for you. How does this Smith Corona compare with a Royal Quiet De Luxe in terms of value and performance?

  3. Thanks! In terms of value and performance I'd call them equals but in feel they are markedly different. SCM's all feel similar to me - very tight, yet you can abort a stroke. My Royal Aristocrat is more rattly but faster and less forgiving. They both seem to endure abuse and neglect equally well.

  4. Thanks a lot, this is helpful. I think SCM will be my next one. I've only got one so far- Olivetti-Underwood Studio 44. A beauty. And a joy to use. Just posted pics on my blog.


  5. I knew I shouldn't have told you how lucky that place can be for a collector! A week or so ago I picked up an Oly SG1 there for $5. Seriously, though, nice find.

  6. It's definitely hit and miss there, and the conditions are atrocious. It's the turkish prison of typewriters. You can go get that gigundo Royal they have.


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