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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Road prep


  1. Oh, you've just got to take a typewriter on the bike trip. I took my first bike ride in a while today -- a strenous couple of hours -- and reassured myself that I am still capable of pedaling. My next move will be to strap a portable -- probably my Tower -- to the bike, in position for bikecasting when the spirit moves me. A Corsair (same thing but lighter) might be ideal.

  2. OK, I'm here because Matt sent me!

    But seriously, I always read your posts but rarely comment because they are always rounded and complete - leaving little to add or comment.

    PS: toothpick!

  3. HaHa Thanks Rob. Nice of you to say.

    Richard, the problem with bikecasting has less to do with carrying than with time. My wife's almost got me talked out of it simply because we will be either moving or doing while we're on the bikes. I may try to get it as far as the hotel room though and see if i have time and energy at night...
    Otherwise I'll bring a notebook and pens for a compromise and you can read my rusty Palmer cursive or I can transcribe upon return.

  4. Bikecasting! I learn a new thing in the typosphere everyday. Have fun!

  5. You can set it up so you can type as you cycle. Can't be more dangerous than texting while driving ... right??

  6. That would only work if I could stay upright with no hands. Funny I saw a young man texting on his bicycle the other day!


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