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Thursday, May 26, 2011

overdue typecast

here's our hardest ride


  1. I envy your bike tour and I'm glad you'll be getting that classic '20s Royal portable.

    To fix the Magic Margin (probably), uncover the mechanism and simply apply a light lubricant ( PB Blaster is ideal) to the rails on which the margin stops travel. They'll probably be zipping right along again.

  2. Welcome back, sounds like you had an awesome time even without bikecasting.

    So generous of you to offer up some of your portables. Had this happened earlier, I would have happily adopted one. Thing is, in just a little over two weeks, my one typewriter has grown to four! It's kinda scary, to be honest. One of them is a gift from the mother of a friend. Another friend also pledged to give me one. So I guess I am now part of the Typewriter Attractors' Club!

    I think I have enough for now (yeah, right), I am really a minimalist and keep only "mini-collections" of anything. I swore to myself that only a Hermes 3000 can coax me. Giving yours away? Haha.

  3. I know of a friend who you could ship one of the SCMs too, I told her I would look around for one for cheap and send it to her for only the cost of post...would that be something you could do? :)

    And store brands are a weakness of two questions.
    Is the Kmart one made by Brother? I've been wanting one of those...
    About the JC Penney and Sears, how old are they? I would be interested if they are from the 50s.

    And really, thanks for doing this. :) I have given away 4 of my own--it's good to get typewriters moving to people who could use them more!

  4. I should leave my email for you, sorry.

    nickbeland at

  5. hey it never hurts to ask but no the Hermes is staying. The Kmart is indeed by Brother, it's a pretty good machine, I just have some I like better now like the Parva.
    The Sears is by Silver-Seiko date unknown but either 70's or 80's, and the Penney is a "Galaxie-class" SCM from 1974. I'll email you offline.

  6. Glad the KMC is getting some use, im fond of that one. I'm on a strict typewriter diet at the moment, otherwise I'd say yes to the Galaxie.


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