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Monday, August 8, 2011

Theme of the week - typewriter service firms

I will go take a look at my collection this week for these tags left by bygone firms - I recall several including late lamented Tacoma Typewriter - but my favorite has been shown before so I will post the image here to get off to a good start.  This is off the late-1920's-ish Royal Portable:


  1. That's an excellent one, and unlike some other labels, does not detract from the looks of the machine. Sadly, that option was not available on non-glass-key machines. |:

  2. Like... a Windows key on your keyboard? :-)

  3. Wow. This is better even than my 'Pueblo Typewriter Exchange' shift key insert on my KMG. Yours has so many words crammed into that little thing.

  4. That really is unique and fantastic.

    (word verif = "gampl". I'd gampl you'll not find another one like that, ever.)


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