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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

back in harness

crappy cellphone color balance

This is the view from my chair, looking right.


  1. Now that is a beautiful torpedo! I've noticed you tend to leave the thrift store price stickers on your machines. any particular reason? :D

    1. Only that I like to show off getting a bargain.

  2. I do like these Topedoes. And your desk is neat. My desk is an absolute mess at the moment. And I'm back at school in two weeks!

  3. Nice Torpedo. I had one of those address things way back when.

    I wish I could keep my desk that neat. I can have it neat when I clean it and the next day. Well, it looks like I never cleaned it.

    Nets. I have 2 this evening.

  4. Haha - no, my desk isn't neat, that's an arranged tableau. The mess is on the left side. To the extent that it's neater than it used to be, it's because we'll be uprooted again soon and have to pack up one more time. I'm surprised no one noticed the retro DEC keyboard.

  5. Very nice Torpedo.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on one of my recent posts despite feeling "low-batt," I appreciate it, Peter. I'm trying to get my groove back after my hiatus, not the easiest thing, but hopefully getting there. Cheers!


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