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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

more help seeking parts

typed on the Erika S


  1. Huh -- I wonder why he thinks I have a big stash of spare parts? I just maintain a list of shops, including his venerable establishment. I appreciate the gesture anyway.

  2. Time for a 3D printer! Or I could imagine you cast one yourself with some sort of plastic material. Easier said than done, I know. For some reason, practically all Hermes I see in Switzerland have their platen knobs intact.

  3. Assembly inside the right knob? Does he mean the brass insert? That is all there is inside that knob. The left one has the collar and leaf springs for the line feed release. I do not have any spare Hermes 3000 parts. I think the shaft is 4mm diameter. Email the details to me. If it is the insert I can probably make one at work in my spare time if no one is set-up on all the lathes. It will not be a fancy chrome one, just a brass or stainless steel one.

    1. [facepalm] I don't know why I keep typing right when I mean LEFT. You can see I corrected it once but had still missed it the first time. geez. I was in a rush but still. Anyway it's the variable something or other, which I have written down 25 miles away from where I'm sitting right now. A metal insert where the springs go. On the left end of the platen. Maybe I should start using port and starboard.

    2. I was afraid it was the right hand one. The part could be machined, but making the springs would be the tough part. I doubt I will get enough lathe/mill time to even attempt one before April. I have 2 major projects that will need completed until then.

  4. I read this and just did the same thing that Bill did. How does that entire thing go missing?

    If Bill isn't able to machine one down, I'll have a hunt around in my parts box myself and see what we can manage.


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