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Monday, January 7, 2013


Here is the magazine, and here are the two rappers associated with them.  I found them amusing.

and just because I liked it so much, there's this one about tea:

I still don't know why there are patches on the sleeves of some jackets. 


  1. So THAT is British rap! I am enlightened.

  2. In England leather patches on the elbows of your Harris Tweed jacket means you're a teacher.

    They're just to extend wear. You can buy them and sew them on.

    Great videos.

  3. I once asked my wife why elbow patches were cool and knee patches were lame. She said that elbow patches meant you had enough wealth and leisure to be leaning on your desk all day, while knee patches meant you were working in the fields.

    1. See that's the dichotomy - teachers are notoriously impecunious, while her comment makes sense as well. I wondered if it was a variation on the shooting coat with leather on the shoulder (for the gun butt).

  4. For some reason, green typewriter ribbon and I haven't crossed path yet - it looks great.

  5. I have heard that the patches were for writers who can rest their elbows on a desk and the patches protect the sleeves from wear. That was from a source that may not be entirely reliable.


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