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Thursday, January 3, 2013

wool gathering

There is a number on this one.  Apparently it identifies the crofter who wove the cloth, and can thereby get in the ballpark of the date. There is no Harris Tweed Online Db, so I'll have to write to them and hope they answer.  at least this is becoming interesting.  I'll have to lose a bit more girth to close this jacket comfortably but I may take it to the local tailor to see if alterations are possible to meet me halfway.
I wonder if any well-dressed readers can estimate its age from the styling?

union label - almost as good as a SN to signify "vintage"

Not certain it's kaya wood, but he would have splurged on that for himself. 

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  1. I'd suggest wiping the flash drive. I had a similar situation occur, and given that there was no sensitive information on the drive, plus the fact that finding this person in the 30,000+ students at my university is a near-impossibility, it makes more sense to reuse than to worry.


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