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Sunday, February 22, 2015

ITAM confessions: Typewriters that are not Appreciated

As promised, here is a post of typewriters in the collection that I don't appreciate. All have been with me over a year and most for several years.  They take up space I'd rather use for good typers.  I know many collectors have more fun repairing and cleaning but for me it's all about writing on them.

Anyway, looking at these again may spark some conversation and I might even get a repair tip or two that revives one.

This one I would love if not for messed-up linkages in a couple of keys that end up pulling on others.  I sometimes think it would be a good one on which to learn repair. Love the streamlined look though.  I dug it out of the bins.

This Clipper is stuck stuck stuck. Keys do not press or move, though the carriage does.  I think it's possibly wd-40 syndrome?  I've been using it for parts.  The logo went to Richard but did not quite fit his application, and the c keytop went on a Silent-Super that was given away last year.

This is ...okay.  not at all pleasant to type on, and some troublesome keys - get stuck at the strike point.  otherwise just needs an overhaul. 
I was so excited to find this one, but I have trouble with it.  with the cover on, it just doesn't work right.  It gets stuck or rubs, etc.  With it off, it's a passable but not pleasant typer.  I think it's bent (squashed) and doesn't have enough clearance.

This is from Strikethru's Petaluma haul, and has always had a busted carriage since coming into the typosphere.  I kept it for the cool look of the noiseless action but now that I have working examples I don't need this collecting dust.

This best fits the post theme - it was a classroom typewriter that was used hard and put out to pasture. It works but it balky and uninspiring.  Now that I have an SG1 I don't need the 3.  You may recall that I brought it home on my wife's bike.  She had to remount her milk crate afterward.

Do you ever feel betrayed by inanimate objects?  I loved using this one, then one time the carriage went off track and I can't seem to fix it. Grr.

Another abused workhorse.  You can see the cracked space bar.  The line feed setting slips and you never know how many lines it will advance.

My first manual typewriter.  It pauses in the center of the carriage and I have to smack it.  I haven't figured out why.  If I could fix that I would enjoy using this one.

This one has water damage from before I got it which has led to many problems.  I'm not sure it can be fixed, but there are probably some decent parts.  

I'm this close ===> <=== to dropping most of these off at Goodwill but someone may want them for parts or repair.  I should add here that I'm not interested in accumulating the boxes and packing material they would need, or in spending a lot of time analyzing their packing needs.  If you want one sent to you, send me the box and cushioning and when I send it I'll collect the postage from you.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

more typewriter gifting

I've also finished my first run-through edit of my most recent novel, "Code Name: QUANGO" which really just means removing most of the scan errors.  The next part is rewriting to come up with a better plot - if I ever get around to that.


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