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Monday, May 30, 2011

remington and olympia


double typecast

I posted this with Windows Live Writer, which allowed me to pull it this way and that and I seem to have distorted the shape a bit.  I also seem to have washed out the color somehow when I scanned it.

so close yet so far

You can see right next to the wheel are two doodads, one wrapping around the other.  the vertical one moves with the spacebar and is supposed-I think- to tug the wraparound one to move the carriage. They don't meet, and it doesn't even touch the other one.  Way down deep is a screw that I think may adjust the angle of the vertical one but I can't reach it.  I cant seem to get anything attached to either one to create a shim between them either.  Nothing stays on that I have at my disposal.  I may try buying an alligator clip but it has to be a very small one.
I really really don't want to disassemble the whole thing to get at that screw either.  To me that's like removing the engine to change the headlight.  

Friday, May 27, 2011

catalog of available typewriters

you can email me at ad7eu.pb(at)

There are one or two still on display at the library like the Galaxie 12.  They come home Tuesday.

kmart 100

sears silver-seiko

jcpenney caravelle 10, 1974

top-line Brother - shifts too low

Royalite - I just never liked using it.  Maybe someone else will?

nice - may have a taker.  just one more scm than I need
this monster weighs almost 40lb.  I wonder if the library would like it to replace their broken selectric?

I'm keeping one of these - probably the center one. the one on the left is like new.  the one on the right is unique - the lid snaps in rather than the slide-out, and it has no case-grabbing holes, hence the molded plastic case

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Prairie wrap-up

info on the Mima Mounds, which are not at all like the ones I recall near St. Louis,
namely the Cahokia Mounds

Friday, May 13, 2011

waiting for the dust to settle

my last post is back but the comments are still gone.  so for now enjoy this link that explains why i prefer typewriters to pens:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ironically I get a "travel-riter" after finding out everyone has an attitude against travel-riting.

that serial number doesn't really match up on the TW-DB.  any help from the typosphere?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Tabulator - when were you made?

What a funny name for a typewriter.  The only info I can glean is as usual form MOLG, and it's not much help as to date.  The serial no. is 4AR26853.  That R muddies the waters.  No exact match on TW-DB, but the 4A series is in the late 40's which I would think conflicts with the resin keytops.  So any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'll probably try the yahoo  groups next.  Here's that picture again so you don't have to go looking for it.


"Vinnie" had three manual typewriters today.  I only bought one (yay self-control!). I passed on the giant Royal made in W. Germany that until I saw the label I was sure would be an Adler.  This thing was bigger than the FP!  I also passed on the Safari-ish one in a sort of pilsner gold color with no model badge that I could see.  I did buy this Smith-Corona "Tabulator" with case.  Very musty smell and the carriage has come unhooked and won't stay to the right but I think it's fixable if I can compare it with the silent-super.  This one has a normal looking elite typeface I think.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

back to typecasting soon

All the thoughtful comments have really helped me process my feelings and I'm sorry if I offended or hurt anyone.  I am in my own little world and it alarms me when I am noticed there.  The frustration arises from this fact. 
Writing is a solitary, introspective process, at least for me, and my choice of medium should not be so controversial as to draw the attention of (I'll say it again) autocratic flight attendants.  To me, the typewriter, like jet engines, seatbelts, aisle carts and bathroom doors, is just so much white noise layered with the rest.  A conversation loud enough to understand, however, is extremely disruptive to my writing process.  So I was railing against the double-standard, and lamenting my own complete inability to effectively challenge it.  That others are no more comfortable challenging it than I am is not a reflection on them but on society. 
My major frustration is that I've had to silently choke on the inconsiderations of others all my life and no one sticks up for me.  Even when law or rules are on my side they are not enforced.  Yet I want to write a few letters in a 70Db noise can and somehow I'm the bad guy.
I can't complain because it's an airline I have to work with at my job, so all I can do is gripe on here and hope for a little sympathy.
So I'm sorry to have digressed from typecasts, but I'll be getting back to them soon.  I'm trying to figure out how to fix the spacebar on the Navy mill.  I'll start with that if I get time tonight.

Monday, May 2, 2011

frustrating week

What an awful week.  I was sooo sick, but not until I was at the airport waiting to leave.  If could have just passed out in that pub where I had lunch the whole week might have turned out better.  The other frustration with my illness was how unhelpful my so-called "care team" is in a situation.  Screw them all.  I'm going rogue.  I'm definitely changing endocrinologists if I can find one with email.
My Type-in was mixed.  It was like my parties all my life.  I hate finding out the hard way who my friends are (Thanks Ryan, Chris, Al and Chuck, 3 of whom don't read this blog LOL, and yes all you others  I do understand about just not being able to come, but I invited a LOT of people personally, some with kids who would probably have had fun).  I did snag a collector from Olympia who learned of it via the yahoo group so thanks go to whomever posted there, I was remiss.
The other positive was that due to Library Official Sanction there was at least one public place in the world for four hours in which typing was NOT viewed EVEN BY THE PARTICIPANTS as some vile combination of indecency and disturbing the peace.  Even the library staff had to come and try them out, and the children were great.
I have found myself getting angrier the more it appears that my brethren are ASHAMED to be heard typing.  As if the world was any kind of quiet place.  I live in a neighborhood where I must endure braying jackasses at 2 am leaving the bars, and at any hour might find someone URINATING in my alley, and you want me to be hypersensitive to the "noise" of a Hermes Rocket???  I am not a confrontational guy.  NOTHING I ever do is done to be confrontational, (except perhaps this post, and this is my own damn blog).so when I feel it happening I check my glucose.  But I am DAMN FOR SURE not going to be ASHAMED of typing!  You guys hide if you want, and yes consideration is a wonderful thing - this is digital because my wife is sleeping  next to me.  I totally get that.  I'm not talking about getting all up in everyone's "grill" needlessly, just not hiding.  The revolution will never get off the ground that way.  It must become as commonplace and tolerated as loud cellphone yakking. It's certainly less annoying.

Now that I've offended nearly everyone, I'm going to sleep.

p.s.:  Has anyone given typewriters to younger students or daycares?  We have a Ronald McDonald House nearby.  what do you think?


Ryan helping me teach the Old Ways to the young.


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