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Monday, October 26, 2015

typewriter Sunday

First page of my zine, which was handed out to attendees.
room to spare

"The" Olivetti M44

Ruby in a basket

I sold the underwood 21 and the Safari

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

back in harness with new Tower Attaché

The National Bike Challenge is over (I did 1000 miles from April through September).  Getting out for a ride nearly every day meant that while I produced a few typecasts (still rolled in platens), I didn't make time for posting them often.  But today I have news to get me back into the habit.

Here's Rev. Munk's post, mentioned above.

heck of a deal!

From the listing:  "Typewriter has wear, dirt, scuffs, rust and scratches. Several of the keys are stuck and don't press down. May need cleaning, repairs and adjustments."

In this photo you can see I've flipped the typing/writing desk the correct way.


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