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Saturday, October 30, 2010

another Olympia at the Goodwill

branding the same as the early 70's
Home office was still in Wilhelmshaven

Thursday, October 14, 2010

these characters are not optically recognizable

behind the paper it says "zephyr deluxe"

here's what OCR reads in the page of type:

t E'.: iLne ,J)/1.. ano.the. L.e..6t O/~: a 1'f1?i2./1...     /LQ./1..e LVi!. have 11/.12. Z.ep.h'f/Z..
lJelux.e, a.ILa. "P//.../ ... de LLn:e:" t..'f Srni.'tA-Co//.ona.     1..1..& li'.6 n.Lc:e and CfU:Le.i
lui.tA touch. cont//.o1., .gut tAe /,..e.1.1. do J L ioonl«, 0/1.. /1..atA1!./1.. .it d.o J i g. 1-0/1.. u.nhn.o ton. IL..ea.60 n.6 •     T A..e keIJ.6 ,{ .e.!2.1. go 0 d . and i.t do!2..6 th..e ltaY-
.6f-ac.e. 1h1:ng. LiJ ;~tA 1h..e .6f-ac..e£.a/1.. .60 'fOu can i.n.6i2./1..i cAaiLacie./1...6, 1Aow;;A
da.6A..ed i.t-- Ln. kno L!J Idt.'f 'fou' d :tJ?.'f on a x.d .6C/ t'lf1!./1... on tA.e. fO//.talL~e. L.!./,-.e.lV/1.i.ti2./1.. CjAOLlf: .6a'l.6 117.1..6 1..6 tA..e ;'S/u./.LV/1..i.ii2./1.."
mach.Ln:e fJ.ui lA.e.'f . a. nU;I'J:,~e//. of. n.ame:s to//. U.e.m. ( I ue: .se.en: a~
1..c.a..1. on.e ca1...f.e.d "coug.tVl. II on.Lin.e ,
50 no 1<) 1...e.1. '.6 .tA/1..o W tAi..6 Ln. 1.A.e. .6cann.e./1.. and .6!2..e. IdLa1. co .l.e..6 0 ut.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

decriptive scene practice

Practice writing and also practice letting others see my work.

Typed on the SM9 s/n 4345931 (1971?) with the musty smell.  otherwise a great machine

nice surprise in the mail

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

story idea

I had this idea on the bus today and had to try it out.
typewriters used:  Hermes 3000 Techno Pica, Kmart 100 (Brother) and Adler J2


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