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Saturday, October 30, 2010

another Olympia at the Goodwill

branding the same as the early 70's
Home office was still in Wilhelmshaven


  1. If I remember correctly, the B12 is the manual typewriter that is completely broken down in the Hutchinson Typewriter Repair manual.

    Pretty cool!

  2. Ironic. I just took delivery of one of these machines today and upon searching came to your site -- exactly one year later. I just had to post a comment. It looks like you have one nice machine. I was skeptical when I bought my B12 for a grand total of less than $25 shipped. It looked nice & I did not know the model. I was surprised it is Japanese, even more so at the nice feel when typing and everything works fine. These are nice machines even though I like older things.

  3. It's an excellent machine, for sure. funny sound if you're used to heavier ones.

  4. Whoever really 'NEEDS ANOTHER TYPEWRITER'???


    It's an incurable disease, I'm tellin' ya.

    Always fun & interesting to hear about a model I haven't heard of before. B12 sounds very HEALTHY! ;-)


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