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Thursday, October 14, 2010

these characters are not optically recognizable

behind the paper it says "zephyr deluxe"

here's what OCR reads in the page of type:

t E'.: iLne ,J)/1.. ano.the. L.e..6t O/~: a 1'f1?i2./1...     /LQ./1..e LVi!. have 11/.12. Z.ep.h'f/Z..
lJelux.e, a.ILa. "P//.../ ... de LLn:e:" t..'f Srni.'tA-Co//.ona.     1..1..& li'.6 n.Lc:e and CfU:Le.i
lui.tA touch. cont//.o1., .gut tAe /,..e.1.1. do J L ioonl«, 0/1.. /1..atA1!./1.. .it d.o J i g. 1-0/1.. u.nhn.o ton. IL..ea.60 n.6 •     T A..e keIJ.6 ,{ .e.!2.1. go 0 d . and i.t do!2..6 th..e ltaY-
.6f-ac.e. 1h1:ng. LiJ ;~tA 1h..e .6f-ac..e£.a/1.. .60 'fOu can i.n.6i2./1..i cAaiLacie./1...6, 1Aow;;A
da.6A..ed i.t-- Ln. kno L!J Idt.'f 'fou' d :tJ?.'f on a x.d .6C/ t'lf1!./1... on tA.e. fO//.talL~e. L.!./,-.e.lV/1.i.ti2./1.. CjAOLlf: .6a'l.6 117.1..6 1..6 tA..e ;'S/u./.LV/1..i.ii2./1.."
mach.Ln:e fJ.ui lA.e.'f . a. nU;I'J:,~e//. of. n.ame:s to//. U.e.m. ( I ue: .se.en: a~
1..c.a..1. on.e ca1...f.e.d "coug.tVl. II on.Lin.e ,
50 no 1<) 1...e.1. '.6 .tA/1..o W tAi..6 Ln. 1.A.e. .6cann.e./1.. and .6!2..e. IdLa1. co .l.e..6 0 ut.

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  1. Good way to publish typecasts that can't be interpreted by the government supercomputers that analyze everything published on the Internet.

    Yes, I am serious.

    (By the way, your SM9 is all boxed up and I want to get it to UPS on Monday!)


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