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Friday, August 28, 2015

friday bikecast

Besides the volleyball below, there were also tango lessons.  Note how they have brought their own dance floor.

I found this on the dollar rack at the local used book store, and had to have it.  It's chock full of ideas like the one below.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

book pics

I just took delivery of a batch of EIGHT Ron Goulart books, seven of which I didn't currently have.  I know this because I finally decided to start cataloguing my collections of three authors' books.  Besides Goulart, I also watch for Fred Hoyle novels and I thought I had a full set of Ian Fleming's Bond books.  Now thanks to the list, I know I need to reacquire "Thunderball" and "Live and Let Die" to re-complete the set.  Can't think where they could have gone, but I do misplace things.

Ron Goulart is still alive and writing.  He's even on facebook but I don't know if he wants fans as friends.  I'd be a little hesitant about it, but what do I know?

p.s.:  Now I feel the need to find a Joanna Russ book and see how I like it.


I have been typing on my bike - just not posting.  I offer the following as proof.  It's become laughably common for me to find an old typecast still in the typewriter when I open it up out on the trail.

So I heard back from them to pick up the typewriters and said no, those were a gift, if you want them.  They did accept them, but I don't know what happened to them after.
Also I did manage to sell one more typewriter last weekend before pickup.  The plastic Rocket (made in Brazil, I think), with no cover.  I hope they enjoy it.  I keep thinking I really should be posting galleries of these before deaccessioning.

Osprey fledgling trying out his wings in the breeze

Mom's home!  Or maybe dad, not sure from this distance.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Not idle

So, I've had a hellish month at work, in which the customer has not been timely or forthcoming with their changes and everyone downstream thinks *we* are holding out on them.  I haven't had much left in the tank for blogging, but that doesn't mean my typewriters are neglected.

I'm not sure I mentioned it before, but I'm presenting at Oly Zine Fest on the topic of typewriters, as zine and other self-publishers are an important part of the typewriter resurgence.  To that end, I participated in the Nearsighted Narwhal's 24 Hour Zine Challenge to produce a little booklet to both guide my talk and to give as a handout.  I even left a few there to try to sell.  Ossain Avila Cardenas there at the shop was very helpful in designing the cover for me.  He has a good eye and knowledge of what moves in the shop.

As with last year, I brought typewriters for the other participants to use.  I have an SM-7 there for sale anyway, to which I added the Royal HH, a 50's QDL, a 60's Script Aristocrat, the no-cover plastic Rocket, and a big Underwood 150, whose logo, you may recall, was used in a cafepress store (Thanks Richard, that's still one of my favorite mugs).  The difference this year was they were all for sale.  The Underwood and the QDL each sold for twenty bucks!  Another participant (who seems also to be helping in the shop) also brought two typewriters - a Galaxie and a Selectric.  I used the Selectric for part of my zine.


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