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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Type-in: How about this plan?

There is an event that I think has enough crossover appeal in this group to make it worth scheduling the type-in nearby the same day.  Have a look at Wayzgoose the Letterpress and Book Arts Extravaganza.

Amocat Cafe is four blocks away on the same street, and that's where I'd like to hold the type-in, to encourage his little business, and because a coffeehouse has more casual walk-ins to encounter us.

The snag is that Amocat closes at 2 pm and the event runs until 4.
Plan A: talk Amocat into staying open for the type-in
Plan B: Change venue to Harmon Hub. Plus: closer to Wayzgoose; minus: more of a restaurant environment where we might be segregated.

take a look at both while I talk to them.

easing back in

Originally uploaded by eriphila

So my short list for type-in venues includes:
King's Books
Tacoma Public Library (Main)
Mandolin Cafe

Take a look at those and vote for your choice.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

classic 12 photo

classic 12
Originally uploaded by eriphila

Testing my flickr posting

New Classic 12

like new.  I wonder what was typed on it.
In looking for info on the Classic 12 line I've noticed that almost all of us have one.   If you do, could you post the serial no. and Y or N the lid slides open like this one.  like so:
6LTV 582922H - N and  6LTV 420923H - Y (this one)
 On my brown one the metal lid is seated on grommets and lifts off completely.

here's my typewriter room

excuse the mess please...

Friday, February 25, 2011

appalling discovery

I went to pick up a Royalite at the Goodwill HQ but it wasn't ready yet.  Right next door is the outlet store. I barely noticed the Classic 12 in the jumble of junk, but OMG it is positively pristine - even the ribbon is like new.
I'll feature it here soon but i asked and was told yes the items on those tables are headed to the dump if they are not bought.  so LFP get over to the outlet store and adopt a rescue typewriter!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

free concert

I went to a great free concert at the local private college last night.  The pianist had nothing in front of him but the piano - no music, it was all in his head.  That never ceases to amaze me.

It's funny how I don't think of things to say (or write) but start wanting to draw what I see to help me remember the event, even though I'm never satisfied with the result.  You'll note i chickened out when I got to the hard parts, though the girl's face was behind the head of her friend.

good typewriter day

I don't get to type on it, but I can fiddle with it and it seems to be in excellent condition.  "It" is an Antares Parva, $7.99 at Goodwill. I saw that case and thought, "Is this the Hermes Baby I've been seeking?" It wasn't, but I'm well satisfied.  The serial no. is A-01830.  I'm having trouble finding a number that low on TW-DB, so I'm asking the typosphere and the Yahoo groups about it.

red/green keys - it's like Christmas!

by request - close-ups of paper bail area

Thursday, February 17, 2011

lineup one - heavy iron

So since I may only work the flimsy keys of my netbook, I'll post pics of my typewriters along with the rest of you.

I had meant to add text but we were leaving when I was uploading.  I'll remedy that now - from the top:  SCM 88 from the shop down the hill and "Sarge," the Police FP from the Strikethru Petaluma haul.
Then we have my first ever purchase (1980) an Underwood S?- someone help me out here I've only seen two just like it.  Richard just got one a few weeks ago.  The other was Kennedy's typewriter on the museum site.  This one came to me with green plastic key covers, Royal brand, which I still have.
Below that is the Remingtom-Rand KMC from the Petaluma group.  It has an elite typeface and had worked in a bank.  I was tickled to get it because the radio club has a Model 17 that I had enjoyed typing on.  So thanks again Strikethru!

More bad news

Just got back from the orthopedist and I have to cut way back on the manual typing to see if it improves my hand pain.  This will be enforced by She Who Must Be Obeyed (for you Rumpole fans out there). I was already missing my heavy iron because I'm unable to shift them from their shelves, and now I may not use the portables either.   So how will I write letters?  I thought of using the library's selectric.  Or writing longhand, and see if that cramps or not.

on a more positive note, I'm scaling back now so I can have a type-in later.  Is Easter weekend an option?  My employer inexplicably gives me Good Friday off (but not Presidents' Day?) which is April 22, so on that day the buses would run on a normal schedule if we could hold it then, or I could spend that day preparing for a Saturday event.

I'm still deciding on a venue.  Stay tuned for that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

good mail day

No, not letters.  Today in the mail I got my Underwood mug from Richard (Many thanks Richard!) and my King County Library card.  They have a reciprocal agreement with Tacoma.  So now more free reading and coffee drinking.

those are the creampuffs from yesterday and the flourless chocolate cake Betsy made

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Can't typecast with the cat on my lap (and an incomplete letter in the carriage), so I'm posting again.

I'm not collecting electric typewriters so I haven't had much chance to touch or even really look at them.  I took a photo of one and something struck me.  This electric SCM Coronet 12's keyboard has some things in common with computer keyboards (that I'd noticed on the library's Selectric), notably, the apostrophe/quote (or minute/second if that's how you see it) is to the right of the semicolon.
I'm sure I'm the last person to notice this but why did the introduction of electricity cause that specific change to th keyboard?  I may have to buy one to see if the typebars are also arranged differently. They could be anywhere on an electric, which may be the point.  Maybe that key got stuck on manuals?  If anyone knows I'd be happy to learn more.
I've superimposed classic 12 keys in their positions where they differ.
 These were not far apart in time, why the differences?  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

no typecast today

I'm at a club meeting but on the way I had a milestone moment I had to share.  I passed up a perfectly good typewriter in a thrift store.  It was an Olivetti MS25 Plus made in China, and looked practically new.  They wanted 5.99 for it (someone is trying to get $104 for them on Amazon LOL) but it reminded me too much of "Super Deluxe" so I passed on it.  I'm finally getting choosy.  On the other hand I'm liking Miss Moneypenney, (the blue JCPenney Caravelle 10) more and more since fixing it.  Can't wait to order new ribbon.  She may even come to the type-in if I have room.

Friday, February 4, 2011

FW: Zazzle stamp

the shipping is a little steep.  the pic is formatted for the medium size 2x1.3 inches, and I just added the text to the pic using Richard's Reiner Graphika tt font.  don't feel obligated there are tons of typewriter stamps that I noticed after making this one.  and I wouldn't mind seeing a variety come to me on letters either.  The landscape design was heavily favored so I went with it.  HAPPY ITAM! Logo
Check it out!
Photos by Adwoa and myself (peter), font is the Reiner Graphika by Richard Polt

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