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Saturday, February 19, 2011

good typewriter day

I don't get to type on it, but I can fiddle with it and it seems to be in excellent condition.  "It" is an Antares Parva, $7.99 at Goodwill. I saw that case and thought, "Is this the Hermes Baby I've been seeking?" It wasn't, but I'm well satisfied.  The serial no. is A-01830.  I'm having trouble finding a number that low on TW-DB, so I'm asking the typosphere and the Yahoo groups about it.

red/green keys - it's like Christmas!

by request - close-ups of paper bail area


  1. Wow! That is an amazing find. Those are very rare indeed, especially with a QWERTY layout in the US. And in such great condition, at that price? That is quite a score - ITAM is being kind to everyone!

  2. Cool! I agree with Adwoa, you don't find these in your average thrift store everyday, that's for sure. And with that serial number, I am guessing that it's very early. Maybe the 1830th one made!

  3. thanks I was curious about the relative scarcity and that number as well. it's a nice machine and the ribbon's still good too.
    I know the nameplate and the lever upper left look different from the ones here:

  4. That's not all though - I DID find a Hermes Rocket later the same day for 6.99! It seems to be from the last days - made in Brazil, sn 9373952. BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE! Next to the Antares was a little SCM script typer literally identical to the script machine I gave away last Christmas! ITAM is sending me consolation for not being able to pound the iron.

  5. Beautiful! I got an AP a while back on eBay for $10. Not as stylish or early as yours, but still nice. Did some work on it (cursing all the while as the damn Jesus clips went flying around the room.) But I couldn't figure out the mangled spring that controlled the motion of the paper bail. If you could post two close-ups of the top right corner, with the paper bail down and up, it might help me make mine more of a shiny beast and more fun to type on. Thanks. Rob

  6. Just got one that looks very similar to yours -- love the red/green color combo.
    Serial number: A-1435


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