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Sunday, February 13, 2011

If you can stand one more type-in post

this is the stamp I was carving

found on the free shelf on the way out!


  1. A computer on a bike?

    ~Art (too lazy to sign into my own account.)

  2. that's what they call it - speed/distance/time/temp

  3. I used my SCM Galaxie for the first typing contest, and then got to messing with the Aristocrat right afterward. It amuses me just how fast the Royals snap the typebars back after a keystroke. You can see why Ron Mingo favored one!

    Yes, the fountain pen moment was classic! I'm thinking there needs to be more fountain pen content at the next type-in/write-in thing.

    Was it Strikethru who ended up being the owner of the nice Caran D'Ache Fixpencil that was sitting out on one of the tables for awhile? We had pencils representing as well!

  4. I had brought the Caran D'Ache with me, it was actually a gift from Speculator! I realized I didn't have it with me when I left and ran back in to claim it. It's sitting right here with me now :-)

  5. Having a shelf full of Pentax cameras, I'm interested in what you think of that book...

  6. I used a k1000 for 20 years. I went digital when my lenses both seized up at the same time.
    It's an interesting book.

  7. Yeah, I know that our high school had a fleet of K1000s and I picked one up later in college (and lost it) before buying another one a few years later.

    I went to a K7 something or other that was "okay" before going to the digital K10D, which I love! I'll have to check that book out.


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