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Saturday, February 12, 2011

live blog from the type-in

lady on my corona 3, being photographed by the Everett Herald

The typosphere in action


  1. Great to meet you at the type-in, it was quite an event!

  2. Wish I could have been there! Did you trade that SM9?

  3. nope - wasn't in the cards. gave away the superdeluxe and the Sears brother.

  4. I still really wish I had had something else to trade for the techno SM-9. Love it! Also really like your Royal Aristocrat, as I believe I may have mentioned a time or two.

    It was fun getting to try a Royal for the first time! The sort of mushy carriage return feel took some getting used to, and they're certainly less forgiving of sloppy typing than most others, but man, are they fast!

  5. Oh, and you win major cool points for live blogging, I'd say!

  6. I love seeing all the pictures from the event. The one with Strikethrough examining her machine really captures the ethos of our shared experiences.

  7. Reading all the coverage is so great; it goes without saying that I would have loved to be there! Good job giving away a couple of typewriters... I'm sure some new ones will pop up at your local Goodwill soon :)


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