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Thursday, February 24, 2011

shh-don't snitch


  1. Is it too late to switch to one-fingered hunt-n-peck style typing? Might save your wrists. Of course CTS release surgery might also help, but if typing got you into this, you might not want to go full-bore back into it if you do have the surgery.

  2. Oh, and wordverif="yogistic", which might be another method of improving your hands. I'm just not sure how it works.

  3. Aww, you poor thing! It must be torture living with all those gorgeous typewriters and not being able to use them; and we're not helping by putting up all these pictures :( Glad to provide whatever help I can, just let me know.

    Hope the wrist feels better soon!

  4. I'll either learn to hunt and peck or become the Paul Wittgenstein of the typewriter. har har. I need a Ravel to dictate a Novel For The Left Hand to me.

  5. Adwoa - good one. make sure Little Flower Petals knows to come and take a shot too - she owes me a payback LOL.

  6. Aw, now...I wouldn't do that to ya! I really hope they're able to diagnose the problem and get you better soon!

    But you the meantime...if that Royal Aristocrat or your Hermes 3000 or the new little Hermes get lonely for know I'm here for you. 'Cause that's just the kind of gal I am.

  7. Oh no... get better. Be sure to rest up.


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