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Thursday, February 3, 2011

typcast from the silent super


  1. You sound busier than I am at the moment! And strangely my cat was also in my lap as I was reading this but he darted away just as I began to type...Ah well...

    I'll send you a letter ASAP. I have only two left to catch up on all of my correspondance. Well, I guess I have three now!

  2. I love collecting letter writing addresses. One more to the collection and similar to Bob, I only have two letters in my pile, but with this, I think I have four letters to write!

  3. I will send you a letter as soon as I am able. To be honest I may see you before I get a chance, as this type-in has become quite the production. It's going to be a blast but man, has it been a lot of work.

  4. i hope i have the stamps by then, i'd like to have a canceled one.

  5. sno-writer: I'll want to hear all about the event prep as i want to take a turn too, staging one in Tacoma. got a coffee shop all lined up too


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