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Friday, February 25, 2011

appalling discovery

I went to pick up a Royalite at the Goodwill HQ but it wasn't ready yet.  Right next door is the outlet store. I barely noticed the Classic 12 in the jumble of junk, but OMG it is positively pristine - even the ribbon is like new.
I'll feature it here soon but i asked and was told yes the items on those tables are headed to the dump if they are not bought.  so LFP get over to the outlet store and adopt a rescue typewriter!


  1. Yeah, but by the time I get there, will there be anything left? Notagain is like some sort of fifth horseman of the apocalypse, leaving a swath of typewriter depletion in his wake. ;-)

  2. i get skunked there 75% of the time, but now that's a relief. It's on my way home from PT so I've been there often.


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