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Monday, February 7, 2011

cheap thrills


  1. I'm addicted to thrift-store typewriter thrills. Good going!

    I think some of these relabeled SC's had very attractive styling.

  2. The folks at your Goodwill must be thrilled to see you! Finally, someone is picking these up and giving them a good home. The Caravelle looks quite nice; great that you were able to fix it.

  3. Nice find.

    Are you still planning on coming this Saturday? And if so, are you still willing to use the Brother as a give-away? I can pay you for it if you're still interested in using it as a prize.

  4. That's all still the plan. Barring problems or emergencies I'll be there with my machines, and believe me, the Brother end of the collection needs pruning. I got a free one anyway so no money need change hands.

  5. Okay, cool. Thanks. Are you bringing the Hermes and the SM-3?

  6. bringing: SM-3 for you, brother (sears) for prize, Super Deluxe (china) for Ryan and SM-8 for strikethru (if they want them, i wish she'd trade for that hermes of hers)
    and my display is corona 3, Royal Aristocrat, and I hope to purchase a Hermes rocket from Jim.
    that will about fill the car LOL.


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