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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

no typecast today

I'm at a club meeting but on the way I had a milestone moment I had to share.  I passed up a perfectly good typewriter in a thrift store.  It was an Olivetti MS25 Plus made in China, and looked practically new.  They wanted 5.99 for it (someone is trying to get $104 for them on Amazon LOL) but it reminded me too much of "Super Deluxe" so I passed on it.  I'm finally getting choosy.  On the other hand I'm liking Miss Moneypenney, (the blue JCPenney Caravelle 10) more and more since fixing it.  Can't wait to order new ribbon.  She may even come to the type-in if I have room.


  1. At only $5.99, you are showing more restraint than I could!

  2. I have a spare ribbon I can give you on Saturday if you'd like.

  3. You didn't miss much. Those machines are Olivetti in name only, a mere shadow of the brand. You did well to keep your $5.99 to yourself.

  4. deek: LOL that's how I ended up with a few i don't enjoy enough to keep.
    Justin: Thanks anyway but I'm ordering a set of spools from Jay for the SCM's
    mpc: exactly. still, I'll go back and get it if someone commits to relieving me of it at the type-in - just don't want it for myself.


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