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Thursday, February 3, 2011

pick one

I have a couple of designs for custom postage for our letters.  pick your favorite or send me a picture you like better and if they arrive in time i will share them at the snohomish gathering.
i can only afford one design, a sheet of 20.  one idea i considered was the underwood logo Richard liked so well.
of course you can make your own too, this zazzle seems to be the only one of the four outfits that allows text, unless i just didn't see it.
The typebars are from the underwood noiseless I got from strikethru, and the SC Clipper is from Retro Tech Geneva


  1. I prefer #1, though if there were ever a good reason to use a monospace font in a design, this is it...

  2. I didn't find any font options. I'll look again when i pull the trigger.
    funny though - i made the portrait one because the landscape seemed crowded to me.

  3. They're both good, I like the whole concept!

  4. Looks great; my vote would be for #1 too.

  5. I like both but #1 wins for me.


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