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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Type-in: How about this plan?

There is an event that I think has enough crossover appeal in this group to make it worth scheduling the type-in nearby the same day.  Have a look at Wayzgoose the Letterpress and Book Arts Extravaganza.

Amocat Cafe is four blocks away on the same street, and that's where I'd like to hold the type-in, to encourage his little business, and because a coffeehouse has more casual walk-ins to encounter us.

The snag is that Amocat closes at 2 pm and the event runs until 4.
Plan A: talk Amocat into staying open for the type-in
Plan B: Change venue to Harmon Hub. Plus: closer to Wayzgoose; minus: more of a restaurant environment where we might be segregated.

take a look at both while I talk to them.


  1. Segregated?!! That's blatant machinism! Or is it typism?

  2. dude - I KNOW!
    you know how restaurants are, you have to book a "party" and they assume no one else is invited.

  3. too bad I'm nowhere near you guys. so march stands as something everyone can be part of. but you can totally still have your event. just as club part two.

  4. I'm confused by a Wayzgoose happening in April. That's an autumnal priters festival.

    Amocat should stay open. Maybe we can just take over the damn Bostwick Tully's.

  5. gosh, I'm envious you can do type-ins on your part of the world! where i am, i know of only one other person who likes typewriters as much as i do... and, i may or may not have intentionally influenced her on that, too. ;-)

  6. Ryan can you give details on your March event?
    Au: Make your own type-in - you could try typing in public with an extra machine or two at the table for others to play with.

  7. Hmm a tough call. Agreed a restaurant may not be an ideal venue, but then there's beer...


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