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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Classic 12

like new.  I wonder what was typed on it.
In looking for info on the Classic 12 line I've noticed that almost all of us have one.   If you do, could you post the serial no. and Y or N the lid slides open like this one.  like so:
6LTV 582922H - N and  6LTV 420923H - Y (this one)
 On my brown one the metal lid is seated on grommets and lifts off completely.


  1. I can't believe that was headed for the landfill! How sad...poor little thing is in great shape. I see it even has the case key!

    It looks like its from the same timeframe as my little Galaxie, but it seems to have had an easier life.

    Interestingly, although the Galaxie has a !/1 typebar in that special character spot, the key is plain black with no indication of what you'll get if you use it. I'm not sure if whoever installed it forgot to change out the key top or what.

  2. I hadn't noticed the blank key on your Galaxie. Boy ain't that the truth that this one had an easy life. By contrast my brown one was "rode hard and put away wet," as they say. I think it had been played with by children.

  3. NIce machine and video with surprise at the end!


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