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Sunday, February 27, 2011

easing back in

Originally uploaded by eriphila

So my short list for type-in venues includes:
King's Books
Tacoma Public Library (Main)
Mandolin Cafe

Take a look at those and vote for your choice.


  1. Ooooh... I feel so special! Can't wait to check my mail :-)

    Glad your wrist is getting a bit better, too!

  2. Looks like you have several cool choices there. I have a feeling the Tacoma Type-In will be a big success. And I can't wait to check my mail, too!

  3. Stamps are very cool looking!

    I have a letter being dropped in the mail for you on Monday, homemade envelope, and all...

  4. Hey, thanks for my stamp, by the way. I'm sorry I've not written back yet. Tomorrow shall be a massive writing day.

    I vote for the bookstore.

  5. Wait, is indie a different sort?

    See, that's the thing. CLUB isn't about typewriters. There's not many of us in my area (okay, fine, any of us beside me that I know of,) so hosting a type-in isn't something that I'd do. What CLUB is about is profiling these places, creating an archive of them and spreading the word in order to help them stay alive in these tough times. That's what it's about. And besides, April is Script Frenzy. Can't take that month.

    So I motion that March is Celebrate Local and Used Bookstore Month!

  6. It's really futile to argue. I've already got my post for midnight march 1 written up. ;)

    and wordverif: duplo. As in lego duplo. Awesome.

  7. ha - doesn't matter, i had an inspiration looking up the dates. see my next post

  8. March 19 is my big event at Inner Chapters, which I told the New York Times about today. So another type-in in March probably would be too much.

    Amocat is my favourite coffee place in Tacoma. Harmon Pub is also awesome, but I feel it might not work there.


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