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Thursday, February 17, 2011

lineup one - heavy iron

So since I may only work the flimsy keys of my netbook, I'll post pics of my typewriters along with the rest of you.

I had meant to add text but we were leaving when I was uploading.  I'll remedy that now - from the top:  SCM 88 from the shop down the hill and "Sarge," the Police FP from the Strikethru Petaluma haul.
Then we have my first ever purchase (1980) an Underwood S?- someone help me out here I've only seen two just like it.  Richard just got one a few weeks ago.  The other was Kennedy's typewriter on the museum site.  This one came to me with green plastic key covers, Royal brand, which I still have.
Below that is the Remingtom-Rand KMC from the Petaluma group.  It has an elite typeface and had worked in a bank.  I was tickled to get it because the radio club has a Model 17 that I had enjoyed typing on.  So thanks again Strikethru!


  1. I think I recognize a couple from the Petaluma haul! I am glad they are safe with you.

  2. Classy machines. Heavy... metal.

    That Remington looks interesting, what model is it?

  3. Heavy iron indeed!

    Sarge was the one of that batch that spoke to me, though he's certainly not the handsomest. Just get the feeling he has an awful lot to say. It's nice to see him again.

  4. My plan, someday, is to do comparisons on these pairs, as they are close in age and were competitors at the time.

  5. I just recently sold my Secretarial 88, after having painted it pistachio green ( Kinda wish I'd kept it. But four desktop machines is, I think, a reasonable stopping place.

  6. I love that pic, and all the discussion with it! Now what color should mine be?

  7. d'oh! I was just looking at the pretty pictures, not reading the text. Tsk tsk...

  8. no you're good - the text was added after you asked. I hadn't time to do the writeup before.


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