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Friday, April 1, 2011

busy weekend

Still playing with the new Brother Echelon 91 - it has a soft platen and an interesting lever that spins it up to 12 lines.  It's another of my "like new" machines, though I do need to replace the ribbon. Funny how those are not all that much better performers than the hard knocks ones...
Then I felt like typing purple script again so I switched.


  1. Spins the platen? Is that a paper feed lever, by any chance? The big Olympia standards have those: it feeds a sheet in with the same top-margin each time.


  2. makes sense. I'm pretty sure the Echelon line was the Brother house brand badged as "signature" for Montgomery Ward, and praised here:
    I know it's been intimated online that shift is adjustable, I will have to look into that.


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