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Friday, April 29, 2011

travel typecast


  1. Hurray!! This beats the MILE HIGH CLUB - towards NEW TYPOSPHERES. Train, plane... I wonder who's next in the CAR ;)

  2. Don't forget that we've also got typewrunning. We need:

    * Typing on the back of a tandem bike
    * Typing on horseback. Would also accept camel-back or elephant-back
    * Scuba-typing
    * Sky-type-diving! Though it sounds like your seatmate almost had you tossed out of the plane anyhow.

    Extreme typewriting FTW!

  3. interesting perspective. I considered it a failure and wanted help in making Alaska known as the "anti-typewriter airline"

  4. You really gotta clean your typefaces lol!

  5. here's a train and a boat:

  6. I remember that. Fantastic post!

  7. I find it odd that the light tapping of a typewriter is perceived as disturbing within a plane, where there is constant noise from the jet engines, you can hear people's earphones, etc. But so be it.

    I always thought the original Noiseless portable would be ideal as a travel typewriter. They truly are quiet. Now if only I can get one that works reliably.

    There's a whimsical ad for Blicks that shows someone writing on while riding a camel, and an even less realistic one for Remington portables where a cowboy is using one atop a bucking bronco.

  8. Well, exactly. Not to mention the children behind me and the loud obnoxious cross-aisle conversation of the very same complaining woman. The typewriter was not even as loud as the seatbelt clasps.


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