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Monday, April 18, 2011


Hermes Rocket - it seems to type a bit smaller than elite - 13 cpi?

If I decide to take the typewriter I *will* type on board, armed with vintage photos of business people doing the same.


  1. Oh, I beg of you - typecast from the plane.

  2. I really wanted to take the Antares but don't want to risk losing it. From the 70's I have a Corsair deluxe that's even more expendable, and a zephyr script. Also the kmart brother, but it's heavy, being all metal. Decisions...

  3. David Sedaris had to give up traveling with his Selectric due to TSA interference, but maybe you'll fare better with a Rocket.

    I'd take the Corsair, though, just in case they try to take it away. In any case, please do the out-of-town thrift store run just to see what turns up! (:

  4. The best thing to take would be a Skyriter, if you've got one! :)

  5. I know, I've missed at least two skyriters recently and others are too dear to buy. The closest thing I have is the "skyriter-based" pair, zephyr and corsair deluxes from the 70's (England). I'm taking the corsair.


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