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Saturday, September 25, 2010

surprise from Goodwill

that sticker says $7.99


  1. Great find! I think you've dated it correctly according to

    The grinding noise may be due to deteriorated rubber bushings that no longer provide adequate clearance. Look for squished or melted rubber on the underside of the typewriter. Fortunately, it's not hard to replace these with a variety of rubber items available at a hardware store.

  2. it looks like the carriage rides lower on the right side and is rubbing on the frame. is the bushing what provides that clearance?

  3. The four rubber bushings lift the whole machine up a little: they kind of "float" the works inside the shell. Replacing them should help immensely, and will probably fix or reduce the draggy-carriage issue. A great machine: I have two, amazingly both came to me for free!

  4. damn thats a wonderful find! probably the bargain of the year!


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