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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hermes knob cheap solution

They come from bottles of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, or other artisanal cooking products.

epoxy was a mess, and stinky!

gouge and trim

voila! the fit is nice and tight - works great.
next one if needed

p.s. another reason I wish I could be in Geneva right now (besides meeting Adwoa) can be found at this link.


  1. Same here for Geneva. Ah, but the priority? meeting Adwoa and friends or the WRC? Great idea for the knob. Those really look better than mine. How long does the cork last?

  2. Nice! It's fun to see the typosphere's ingenuity at work.

  3. I don't know yet how long it'll last, ghats why I have one in reserve. I think yours look cooler, this is just less noticable

  4. Those look great! It's just odd this issue shows up only in the US, no Hermes 3000 in Switzerland I've seen so far has this damage!
    If you decide to come over to Switzerland, tell us in advance, the entire swiss typosphere will herald a royal reception. :)

  5. That is odd it's common here on the later machines. I wonder if some packing material was outgassing in transit, or if it's from shipping (salt air), or air freight (extreme cold).

  6. On some poorer plastics, the plastisizer oozes out or decomposes, so the plastic does literally fall apart on its own.

  7. Ingenious solution! The new knob fits in very well, and now the test will be how long it lasts, as Bill pointed out.

    Nice to see we might soon be welcoming a contingent from the American typosphere (albeit here for other purposes :)). As Florian says, we shall definitely lay out the welcome mat!

  8. Sadly a trip is not in the cards at this time, but you'll all get advance notice when it is!

  9. Ingenious solution! Keep us posted how long the cork holds up.

  10. That's very well thought out! It's an ingenious solution.


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