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Sunday, November 11, 2012

checking in

As you can see by the progress bar, I'm behind on word count but I've gone off on a tangent in the story and should be able to make up some words this week  then I have a week off for the holiday.  I may have to travel to PHX the week after.  I will announce here when the date is firm. I'm hoping for December instead so I can write.  If not, maybe a hotel write-in?
Anyway, performance of the team:
best - SM8½ (SM8 - tab sets next to the spacebar? with an SM9 instruction book in the case?)
2nd -Adler Special
3rd - tie - SM7 &  Everest K2 (Mr. Jingles)
4th - tie - M44 marked down for scan/ocr errors and ribbon needs grommets, and Royal FP  -a bit heavy for long use, but performing well.
honorable mention - Hermes Media (marked down for pica and carriage shift)

unsatisfactory for continuous use:
Royal Aristocrat elite (I have a pica that performs better)
Lettera 22 square keys  too tight, misses letters 
Woodstock - distracting function issues
Swissa - great feel, that qwertz was driving me nuts though.  I use more y's than I thought i did.
SM9 Techno needs more attention, sticky keys and dry ribbon
Royal Brougham Leather I still need to adjust the leather, it snags at times.


  1. Surprised the K2 made its way to =3rd. I love typing on mine but other feedback is less enthusiastic. Keep it up!

  2. I've liked it since getting it but I was surprised too. The keys are just where I want them - arrangement, size and spacing - and that makes a big difference.


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