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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

lull week

link to the Parva


  1. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas, NA. And I've been going through my wardrobe lately and have decided to concentrate on key pieces that never go out of style. So far, I've steered clear of these giudes on mens clothing, but I can see myself going out and getting one or two of them. These books are like cookbooks. Once you know the rules, you can then play around with them to develop your own personal style. And yes, they are always very light-on when it comes to wristwatches and usually contain the 'usual suspects', like a Cartier Tank rectangular watch on strap or Rolex Submariner Dive watch, etc.

    1. It's even less than that. It gives a little history then suggests a plain-face with Roman numerals (? I like Roman numerals but why fixate on them?). I like this book for the information/terminology about fabrics and styles.

    2. Yes, the terminology can be mind-boggling. I would love to get myself some shirts tailor-made (I'm thin and off-the-rack shirts always have too much fabric in them and the sleeves are always too long) that are more form-fitting, but there's quite a bit to know about the different collar styles and such. Still, it would be nice to walk into a clothing store and speak to a knowledgable salesperson in the proper language of tailoring. And yes, these books have a fascination for Roman Numeralled watch dials. A nice dial style, but not suitable for a wide variety of wristwatches.

  2. well i didn't get the Remington noiseless portable, it went out of my price range at te last instant. darn.

  3. Well, Peter, FYI, the card pic does come across pretty well as a 3D design. Nice. And, you know, it is possible to take an actual 3D photograph and post it on the internet using the same camera you have.
    == Michael Höhne

  4. That is a very neat 3-D card.
    Sorry you did not get the Noiseless.

    I really need one of those guides. Since I no longer am in a suit & tie job I have grown into a jeans & t-shirt sort, or shorts. Then in FL it gets to .... hot to dress fashionably.


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