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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hermes day

plenty of typos, sorry.


  1. Maybe Vesper thinks that "a glass of vodka" is too unrefined?

    Montgomery sounds like a living legend. Any chance you could get him to tell some stories on tape?

  2. I would expect him to be happy to tell stories on tape, but you never know until you ask whether the tape is a problem. I think I should get questions from the typosphere for that, or maybe meet in a wifi coffee shop and do a hangout with him. Hmmm. Could even expand into a type-in so he can have stimuli for his stories.

  3. OH! Looks like I can reply now.
    It certainly has been Hermes day! Maybe I should do a similar blog, and grab out all of my Hermes machines, and write with them in one blog.
    5 H3K machines, and 3 Baby machines. It could be a long blog.
    Great to see some extra script love about!


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