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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bike swap

We don't spend money on t-shirts.  We earn them.

I want to get pics of the movement but am afraid to try opening lest I damage it.


  1. What a photogenic Studio 45. ( :

  2. Nice Seamaster! Early 1950s hand-wound, by the looks of it. Dial looks very clean too. Rare for a watch of that vintage. Nice score! If the case-back doesn't have those little notches/indents on the outer edge, then it's best left to a watchmaker to get it open, unless you've done it before yourself. However, replacement case-backs are pricey, so don't attempt it unless you're very sure.

  3. Great day, great bikes, great kids and a great typewriter. Awesome day! And the watch is super-sexy. The Russian alarm watch sounds intriguing. Guess I will be hitting Google.


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