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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

post-holiday post


  1. Good to see you back, and a belated Happy Typewriter Day to you! Regarding your editing, leave the work alone for a week or two, then go back to it and edit. I also have a habit of messing with my writing, but I am slowly learning to leave it be for a month and then go back and re-read it. If some parts don't work, then I spend a couple of days editing, but at some point, I say "That's it, it can't be fiddled with any further without making major changes which will alter the
    story/theme/mood/pace, etc."

  2. Thanks. I will try those ideas.

    1. No problem.. Btw, I replied to your 'intoxication' post with a post of my own. I'm not sure if it answers your question, but it provided me with an interesting trip down memory lane regarding my early drinking habits. Thank God those days (or rather, nights) are behind me.

  3. Typewriter Day??? It was overtaken by something a bit better, Field Day! I do not know if Field Day is really better, but generally more noticed and quite a bit of fun. If we could only have a Typosphere Field Day and get all typists out and about individually and in groups and generate all the coverage we get with radio.

    I had one of my Skyriters at our club's Field Day gathering and we had quite a bit of news coverage including Olando and Jacksonville TV (and we are at least 2 hours away from either place) and not a one paid any attention to the typewriter intentionally placed near a radio set that was getting all the attention (or me typing) just to hopefully draw their attention. I guess I need a Mill. It was kind of cool though to hear clack clack clack while the news reporter was talking on the news even if the typewriter was not shown or mentioned.

    Belated Happy Typewriter Day.

  4. One of the reasons I like to use a typewriter is it would be such a chore to edit. I can spend longer on a 100 word e-mail than a two sides of typescript. Sure, it reads better, is generally more concise and has no errors, but... safety net? Where's the thrill?

  5. Heeyah! sounds like you had a great time. Happy Typewriter Day *and* happy Field Day!


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